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How to Improve Your People Management Skills?

People management is one of the most important soft skills to be possessed by an entrepreneur as it influences the productivity of any business through the morale of the stakeholders involved in it. Many businesses lose their way after starting well, due to poor personnel management. This article is aimed at future business tycoons who want to hone their people management skills.

Communication skill matters!

Good communication skills play a big part in understanding the dynamics of the human mind. Every individual involved in a business is unique and have their own way of approaching a particular scenario. So to arrive at a consensus, it is important to have a two-way conversation to get to know what the other person is thinking. Introverts should be encouraged to put forth their points as they bring out the best ideas. Such conversations build trust between the workforce and management providing a sense of transparency.


Any worker, irrespective of field or designation, yearns that their work is recognized someday. Though many organizations have timely promotions and salary hikes based on performances, only a few organizations have awards and recognition structures in place. A word of praise amongst their peers at an official gathering can be very encouraging to any employee, rather than an unexpected compensation. Make sure no good work is left unnoticed, and be specific about what impressed customers the most while appreciating the employee. Exercises like these not only help the staff to be in a good state of mind but also enables them to understand what the customer or the end-user expects from our business.


The process of delegating work can be a tricky one as it is difficult to identify the perfect employee who could pull of a particular task. This is where talent management comes into the picture. A candidate’s skill sets should be recorded whenever they are on-boarded into our workforce. This can come in handy when some critical business tasks need to be accomplished. Under such scenarios, it will be easy to assign these tasks to a person who could pull it off with ease. Having the right person at the right places also helps them to take ownership of the task and deliver exceedingly well, thereby contributing to the growth of the business.


Any entrepreneur should be open to take constructive criticism from their fellow employees to improve their managerial skills. This can be achieved by having regular feedback sessions, where the participants have the freedom to be anonymous while putting forward their issues. The feedback should be reviewed and pain points should be identified and consolidated. Post this exercise it is important to have a one to one session with the employees to discuss how the pain points can be addressed. This helps a lot in maintaining the camaraderie amongst the workforce.

There is no hard written rule as far as people management is concerned, real-life scenarios teach us better than what management books or gurus do. Keep evolving every day, inspire and ignite the passion in your workforce to drive your business towards impeccable heights.